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|| September 25, 2018 ||

|| November 23, 2017|| 
Happy Thanksgiving! 
Today was one for the record books. Justin and I hosted his mother, my mother, my brother (half-brother) and his 2 kids, his wife and 2 of her kids, and my brother's mother. My mom hasn't been in the same room as my brother's mother since he married his first wife. Let's just say this was about 20 years in the making. 
I could feel my father's presence and the sense of joy he was radiating down on us. I don't think today would have been possible without his energy. 
I hope everyone had a wonderful day. 
|| November 13, 2017 ||
The Center for Civil and Human Rights was an experience. Right from the get you're thrown back into history and can see and hear the thoughts and opinions of our nation's leaders on African Americans the barbaric beliefs they had about those that were sold into slave labor and brought to the United States. 
We've come so far but have so much more work to do. 
Civil Rights are Human Rights.
|| November 12, 2017 || 
I'm in Atlanta for the 2017 AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education. Atlanta is huge, Mercedes Benz stadium is beautiful and it's not that much warmer here than Columbus. 
Visiting the National Center for Human and Civil Rights here this afternoon before the conference festivities start. More to come.   
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