My name is Nikole Breanna Prete. I’m an award-winning, Ohio-based photographer via Denver, Colorado. I love exploring new places and getting to know new people. Photography is that one thing in my life that I can completely immerse myself into for hours at a time. Visual storytelling is my main goal. Everyone perceives things differently so each image has a way of telling a different story to every viewer. 
I started out with a 35mm Minolta shooting landscapes and various events. Once I saved up to purchase a DSLR, my focus changed to street photography and people. From there, I set out to learn and capture as many facets of photography that I could. I've volunteered and interned at as many places that I could to really get to know the industry and what is required. Once I was confident in the product I was putting out, Nikole Breanna Photography came to fruition.
Take a look around. I’m always open for suggestions on how to better myself as an artist. So if there is anything you would like me to photograph or constructive criticisms, please let me know. Thanks for stopping by!
Warmest sincerity and lots of love, 

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